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Stony's Sculpin

If it comes to fish a streamer there are a few which I can suggest. My sculpin pattern is one of them. I tied this pattern in the nineties for the first time. So it is one of my older patterns. It's a real beauty and some think it is a pitty to fish with it. Nevertheless it is not too difficult to tie. I used wild cat fur to imitate the sculpin. As wild cat is protected and can only be bought at fur trader shops I do not want to push this sort of material. I received a piece of fur some time ago as a present and used it only for this pattern. I liked the spotted fur and thought it to imitate the sculpin in the best possible way. The result was a nice streamer (that fishes very well by the way) and with the hook tied in upside down it can be fished very deep. Of course you can use any other fur material, too.



TMC Streamer Hook mounted in vise upside down
eyes: heavy glass eyes
underbody: one layer of 0,25 mm lead wire, angel hair or cristall dub in gold/irisee wrapped from barb to the front(2/3)
body and tail: wild cat zonker strip triangulated, tied down Matukka like but upside down; cut it to the correct form at the end
head: cross cut wild cat fur strip wrapped a few times around the shank to make a bulky head
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