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The dark side of "fly fishing"

Help to stop that nonsense!

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update fly tying instructions

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2016-01-16 15:59

EFFA Open 2016

Nice and valuable prices await the winners

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Flyfishing International - the way to success!

Would you like to

-  catch more and bigger fish?
-  enjoy your fly fishing days instead of spending time for searching lost flies?
-  fish places where you were not able to place your fly before?
-  know when and why to choose a certain fly pattern?
Christian Greber successful fly fisher through teaching by Günter Feuerstein
FFI course participant Christian Greber, former FIS world cup skier and present chief of the HEAD racing team with a beautiful 13.4 kg salmon caught in Norway!

Course dates 2016 now online!


If you can answer at least one of the questions above with yes, please join one of my classes! I will help you to become a more successful fly fisher! What SH fly casting is concerned, I am probably the only one world-wide who can afford to offer a money-back-guarantee. This is not a hoax or a dubious offer! No, this is probably one of the most serious offers you will find anywhere.


I will make you successful, too!


Many of todays well known fly casters in Europe  like Valerio Santagostino, Christopher Rownes, Bernd Ziesche, Hans Spinnler or Uwe Rieder to name only a few have used my wide knowledge as well as my analytical and didactical competence to develop their casting skills to finally reach their aims. Through courses and private tuition such levels can be reached.


Your fly casting abilities are the key to success as the fly has to get in front of the fish - somehow. The how is important and of course also the know-how where to find the fish and how to approach it. So if you want to upgrade as a fly fisher and fly caster, please go on reading here.


If you want to surf this site for any other reason, I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Enjoy surfing the Flyfishing International website!


Günter Feuerstein

Günter Feuerstein, owner of Flyfishing International and UFC Fly Fishing School, offers highest level education in fly casting. He is an EFFA Master Flycasting Instructor and has trained most of Europe's best flycasting instructors personally. Günter Feuerstein is a LOOP Pro Team Member and belongs to a handful of instructors who are well known around the world for their teaching and fly casting abilities. He has taught fly casting from the west of the United States to the very east of Russia. In 2010 his first book "Erfolgreich Nymphenfischen auf Salmoniden" was published, a fantastic book on nymph fishing from the view of a real pro. Some call it the best book in this field that has ever been written. Günter has been personally trained and certified by Göran Andersson as a EFFA double hand fly casting instructor and examiner for the EFFA Double Hand Instructor Programme(UH) , too, and was one of the first EFFA and Hedmark University certified fly fishing guides in Europe. He is the current president of the European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA) of which he was a co-founder.


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