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LOOP Fly Rods

My personal LOOP tackle recommendations

(find below comments about the tackle I am/was using during the last year)

LOOP Single Hand Rods

All LOOP rods have got a perfect action which is designed for there use. This is important if you want to perform many different casts to handle difficult situations. For most fly fishers a class 5 or 6 rod is the one which suits them in most situations. That's why I will start with them. I am presently using two #5 rods and some class six rods which I can strongly recommend.

LOOP Cross S1

The Loop Cross S1 fly rods use the revolutionary 3M™ Powerlux™ composites.  The Cross S1 is the flagship among the Loop rods as it contains the best nano material on the market. The 3M™ Powerlux™ contains little nano balls which perform better than any of the nano tubes of the competitors and give the rod exceptional performance. These rods are much more resistent to hits by nymphs or strikes into brenches and have exceptional power by even being lighter than common carbon rods. The rods are a little bit softer but nevertheless react quickly. They are available only in mid curve rod action and medium fast tempo.

Within the next years the actions of all rods on the world market will be optimized according to the rising knowledge and understanding of the new materials.


The Cross S1 rods which I use frequently:


Cross S1 590-4A and Cross S1 690-4A both in MF(medium fast) action

The Cross S1 #5 comes with a cigar grip whereas the Cross S1 # 6 comes with a full wells grip. As I am a pointer on top caster I just grind down the grip of the #6 so it perfectly fits to my casting. It's 5 min work and you have your custom made grip.


Cross S1 Flatsman 1090-4A and Cross S1 Flatsman 1290-4A

Besides the #5 and #6 I also use the #10 and #12 Flatsman for quite a while. They did a realy good job for me in the Carribbean, the Indian Ocean as well as the Queensland coast I even tried them in Guatemala for Yellowfin Tuna despite of the fact that they are flats rods and do not have a bluewater action with a lot of lifting power. For me it was just an experience to test the material when the fish is hanging just below you and you see the rod bend in a circle down to the grip.


Loop Cross S1  9 ft.  #6 (4 pieces)

LOOP Evotec 9 ft. #5 mf (3 piece)

The Evotec rods come with the x-grip. I like that grip especially for heavy line weight. Nevertheless it also helps with a #5 to keep the track very well as the rod will not turn during the forward cast. So it can keep the track better. This is especially true if the grip is wet or you tend to have wet hands. The artificial cork is a bit heavier but it is much more resistant to abrasion and the grip will still look good after years. The rod comes in f(fast), mf(medium fast) and m(medium) action. Medium is the slowest action and fast can in my opinion only be used for overhead casting(streamer fishing, seatrout fishing at the coast, ...). The fast action does not show good performance if you are a nymph fisher and have to do a lot of water casts(switches, underhand casts, ...). Therefore the mf works much better. That's why I prefer that action. If you fish on the coast - take the f, if you are fishing in very slow water where slow rod movements together with thin tippets are necessary - fish the m. The rod has an excellent price for the performance it shows!


Loop Evotec 590

LOOP Göran Andersson Signature Series 9,6 ft. # 4 (4 pieces)

This rod has a very special feeling which is typical for the GASSeries. # 4 rods do not need to be fast, but they have to make very accurate casts possible and have to load well without fast movements. If you use a lighter line and tinier flies what is the reason for that? You use them for spooky fish, cristall clear water and the feeling during the fight. Fast movements would spook the target fish. So you move slowly. Despite of the fact that the rod requires a slightly slower casting stroke it has enough power to cast a great distance. That is the secret of the GASS. I fish it with a #4 LOOP Opti Stream fly line.


LOOP Göran Andersson Signature Series   9,6 ft. # 4

LOOP Opti Power 890(#8, 9 ft. ) and 1090(#10, 9 ft.) (five pieces)

I used these rods for saltwater fishing on the Seychelles in spring this year. They have enormous power and enable you to cast a great distance even into the wind. They also have excellent fighting abilities and are easy to store in your bags because they come in 5 pieces. These rods should be your standard equipment when fishing for bones, permit or GT. I like them very much. They are also great for salmon fishing and I am sure I will take the class 8 with me for fishing Kamchatka again in autumn where a class 8 rod is the standard equipment.


LOOP Opti Power 890(#8,  9 ft. )

LOOP Double Hand Rods

LOOP Göran Andersson Signature Series 12,6 ft. # 9 (4 pieces)

When I first casted this rod I knew that this rod is a very special one and I began to love it. I used it at many fly casting demonstrations because especially indoors there is often not too much space available. The roof is often quite low. So you might have seen me casting with a rod that was definitely shorter than 15 ft. That was the GASS 12,6ft. ! Besides the fact that it casts a great line and provides perfect line control it is a great rod for fishing for seatrout and if a salmon takes the fly the GASS 12,6 has got enough power to fight him without any problems. It just takes a bit more time. For getting very good performance you should choose a good line for it. I tested it in Kamchatka for silver salmon and therefore I used a Custom Float 2 (P) shooting head which I cut to 11,3 m (of course from the back side).


Loop Göran Andersson Signature Series DH

LOOP Göran Andersson Signature Series 11,6 ft. # 9 (4 pieces)

The Hucho fisher's choice!

Allthough the 12,6`and the 11,6`are both #9 rods they have a completely different action. The 11,6´is much faster. If you like fishing for Danube salmon(Hucho hucho) then you should get this rod. Fish it with a short shooting head of max. 6-7m in length (some call it Skagit lines). It will bring your big flies down to the Hucho and iyou can fish it slow there. Do you think a #9 is too weak? Don't care, hucho are usually quite lazy fighters and only work with their body weight shaking their heads. The rod is strong enought to fight it !



Loop Göran Andersson Signature Series DH

Catching and landing big fish requires reliable equipment!
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