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Trips for saltwater fly fishing

Saltwater Fly Fishing

... is booming and without any doubt if you have tried it once you will love it! Moving slowly on a cristall clear flat and spotting big fish is amazing. You cast to them and if you do everything correctly they will show interest in your fly. If they finally take it and run this is not to be compared with any run of fish of the same size in fresh water at all. It is just unbelievable what power e.g. a bone fish can generate and with what speed they run into the backing. There are many places around the world where you will have good opportunities for saltwater fly fishing and you can even take the family or your wife with you without having to fight for it. More or less everyone loves the sun and the sea expecially the hot spots for fly fishing. Most of the best fly fishing destinations are in the Indian Ocean and in the Caribbean. I have fished Cuba, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Antigua, Barbuda, the Red Sea and there are many more spots I like to visit. Of course I have also tried the Danish and Swedish coast line but I prefer the flat fishing in the warm regions. 

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Giant Tarpon Günter Feuerstein saltwater fly fishing
Sight fishing Giant Tarpon - first class flats fishing in Cuba
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