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Fliegenfischen an der Mörrum

Fly Fishing Mörrum

mörrum seatrout

I was fishing Mörrum many times but due to my profession I was never able to fish the river when the salmon show up in May/June. I just cannot get some days off from school during that time. However it is always very crowded when the salmon are arriving and as I do not like many fishermen at the river at all I am not too unhappy to not have fished Mörrum during the salmon run. Nevertheless Mörrum is famous for its large baltic salmon. They are not as red as Norwegian Salmon if you open them because they mainly feed on herings in the baltic sea. Some say they taste better than others but as you know the taste is always something you can argue about.

The season on Mörrum starts with a cannon shot at the last weekend in March. This is the most crowded day at the river. The first three days you cannot just fish but have to try your luck in a lottery to be able to get a licence. After the third day you can book licences but you have to apply for it in advance. You can book your licence online on www.morrum.com  .
The last two years showed exceptinally good fishing for seatrout and salmon (winter fish) so the opening will attract even more fisherman than the salmon weeks in the future. If you do not like fishing side by side with others try the second or third week and I am pretty sure you will land your fish of 4-5kg of weight which is pretty much the average there. If you are very lucky you can even hook and land seatrout of up to 10 kg (record more than 13 kg). This is the reason people like Mörrum. Fish of the size of Rio Grande but maybe for appr. only 1/5 of the price. Mörrum is owned by the swedish king and the king wants to offer his people good fishing for a price everyone can afford.

If you like fishing for spooky but fresh sea trout you have to fish in the last two weeks of the season(closes at 1 Oct.). At that time there will also be some fishermen around but as the fishing is more demanding they are usually the better fishermen and will probably not destroy your fishing. They know better how to approach fish.

The following pictures were taken in the third week of April. 

Conditions:    H2O temp.  3,2- 4.1°C,   water flow   16.1 - 16.6 m3/(too cold for really good fishing)



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