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Take Tackle Stripping Basket

Take Tackle Stripping Basket

Some accessories are an absolute must have for an ambitious fly angeler. Among these stripping baskets (SB) play an important role. They do a great job in many situations and especially in winter time when I fly fish for huchos in the foothills of the Alps I use my stripping basket all the time. I pushed the use of a SB especially for this kind of fishing some years ago and meanwhile hardly any serious hucho fly angler can be seen without it. The use of a stripping basket is of great advantage if it comes to precision, and for hucho fishing placing the first cast exactly on target is of great importance. I use the Take Tackle stripping basket of my friend Reinis as it is undestroyable and easy to store and the straps make it possible to wear it even down above knee height which supports a natural stripping movement. The straps hold it perfectly in place.

This winter I started to use the new 50 lbs RIO Powerflex Ultra shooting line (SL) and was sceptical that it could perhaps become too stiff as it is intended for Big Game angling. So I thought it could get difficult to keep the SL  inside the stripping basket. So I decided to improve my stripping basket by attaching additional spikes (Ahrex Flexipegs spare spikes). Besides from looking quite fancy in combination with my blue RIO running line the flexipegs do a great job when fishing although the shooting line worked great under low temperature conditions as well. The extended spikes provide an additional hold especially for long casts when a lot of running line is piled up in the stripping basket.


Attaching the Flexipegs

Attaching the Flexipegs to the basket is very easy. Just drill a 2.5 mm hole into the middle of a "spike" of your Take Tackle stripping basket and pull a Flexipeg through the hole. It will stay perfectly in place and you do not need to secure it at all.

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