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Fly fishing products that convince me right away are very rare. Especially what rods are concerned I have seen a lot and after checking and casting them carefully many turned out to be not that special at all. When I visited CTS in Auckland(NZL) I got to know that this can be the other way round, too.

As an international fly casting expert I have always been keen to find my ideal rod, a rod that is able to transfer my sometimes very subtile hand and wrist movements in the best possible way. With my last sponsor I felt in the best hands as long as Göran Andersson was responsible for rod and line design, but after the company was sold and others designed the rods, the results had been not more than average, but the price remained at the upper end of the segment. Customers became discontented and me, too. The reels are still the same and are a top. I still like them.

Unfortunately, more and more companies have moved the production of rods to the Far East for cost reasons. If several brands produce their rods in the same factory, there will be the sooner or later no differences any more. Tapers will be transmitted and sometime everything will be the same but nothing will be outstanding anymore. Top quality looks different. If everything must be very favourable to maximize profits and know how and controlling might be absent at site, it can happen that cheaper graphite or resins are used without the knowledge of the orderer. This cannot happen to CTS as the blanks are produced in the company.

CTS owner Stephen Pratt is the construction genius

CTS is different

During my visit to New Zealand in December/January, 2016/17 I visited a rod building company whose blanks have been high praised among insiders for many years. I could assure myself that the company statement that they produce the world-best fly rods is a real fact and not an advertising gag. CTS not only uses the highest quality of graphite without exception but is also focused on absolute precision during the processing. The range of colours and the process of colouring the blanks are unique. CTS thinks highly of every little detail.

Until recently CTS produced blanks only, however, now it is also possible to order fully fitted rods. This was a major reason for a sponsoring contract with CTS, because I simply do not have the time anymore to build the rods myself. CTS is the only factory in the world where I can let my rods been done exactly how I want them to be including changes of stiffness in the different parts of the blanks. This has boosted the term tailor-made rods to another level.

CTS Blanks and Custom Built Rods

There was no doubt for me that CTS would be the rod manufacturer I will support and promote with good conscience in the future. I am happy this has worked out and the  CTS rods I used and tested since were marvelous.

It will be a pleasure for me to help you find your CTS rod among the wide range of single and double hand rods in their programme. The quality is unique on the world market.

Try a CTS rod and you will immediately know what I am talking about!

BTW, CTS also builds the most sought after saltwater rods for conventional fishing. They are sold under the brand Maven.

Fully fitted rods directly from CTS

CTS is known as a rod manufacturer of the uppermost league. Not without reason I joined CTS zwo years ago. I am very sure that CTS builds the most perfect blanks that are currently available on the world market. While among professional rod builders CTS has been known as the ultimate blank manufacturer for many years, up to now it was not possible to order fully fitted rods directly from the company. The reason was that CTS built rods for other well known brands and thus building and marketing their own fully fitted rods was not possible due to the lack of capacity. This has changed and you can now order their top single hand models directly from CTS. The rods are in stock and can be delivered quickly.

The Affinity M Series

Affinity M fully fitted CTS rod

he Affinity M (medium fast) is the perfect rod for fishing rivers and streams, because it loads well into the lower part (perfect for Roll and Switch Cast). A little stiffer tip helps you to present the fly with extreme accuracy.

I use this rod series for dry fly as well as nymph fishing as I perform a lot of Switch Casts even from spots where hardly any back space is available and thus most fly fishers must quit.

Please order your fully fitted rod right now from CTS: info@ctsfishing.com

The Affinity X Series

The Affinity X (X-tra fast) is a fast action rod which should be used for fishing with overhead casts. You can use it for casting streamers or for fishing sea trout from the coast. They are great for fishing saltwater flats and for inshore saltwater fishing from the boat, too.

I use this series for pike fishing and my adventures in the salt, because you can cast incredibly tight loops with them which (together with my RIO fly lines) cut even strongest winds with ease.

Please order your fully fitted rod right now from CTS: info@ctsfishing.com

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