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Fly fishing for hucho hucho
GF Hucho Hunter 925

GF Hucho Hunter 925

Casting big hucho flies requires a grain window that is well in excess of 1000gr. The GF Hucho Hunter 925 (11.6 ft.), developed in cooperation with CTS, is based on a new rod concept and is suitable for casting from the water using a shooting roll cast as well as for overhead casting (In this case don't forget to add the wet streamer weight to the SH weight). The hybrid roll cast is particularly important for hucho fishing. Read more about it here:

The importance of the Roll Cast for Hucho Fishing

Now you may be wondering why flies of 30 cm plus are offered at all. Well, on the one hand, big huchos sometimes eats very large fish (up to a third of their length), and on the other hand, hucho fishing is often very successful at higher water levels. Bigger flies are a good choice for such conditions because the Huchen undoubtedly sees them much better. The GF Hucho Hunter 925 can be cast with casting weights from 750gr up to 1100gr with a peal weight of 925 gr. So you are well prepared for such extreme situations when you have to fight huge fish in strong currents.

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