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Fly Fishing Eastern Australia

Eastern Australia is not worse than WA in regard of fly fishing possibilities. It is definitely not, but the beaches of the eastern coast are not as cristal clear as those on the Indian Ocean. The reason is the ocean current that pushes the water up on the western side. On the other coast the water is enriched with nutrients which makes it look les clear.

Most spots in NSW are not specially developed for fly fishers and guides for fly fishing tours are rare. But if you head further on to Queensland fly fishers have many more opportunities. All the way up to Hervey Bay which is probably one of the best known fly fishing destinations in Australia you pass Moorychydoore where you will find the first Fly Only shop of Australia. Visit TienFly and buy the things you forgot at home as there are not too many possibilities to get a good selection of flies and tackle for your fly fishing trip. The owner Gavin Patz is not only a fly casting instructor but also a guide who has been guiding in Harvey Bay during peak season for about 25 years. The only reason why he has not moved up there is his addiction to surfing. He does not want to live without the waves of his beloved beach.

Let’s have a look at some fly fishing possibilities in NSW and QLD:

Fly Fishing Mackay
Fly Fishing Hervey Bay
Fly Fishing Gladstone
Fly Fishing Sydney Harbour
Fly Fishing Sydney Harbour
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