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Fliegenfischen an Ribnik und Pliva

Fly Fishing in Bosnia

There are several hidden jewels among Bosnias salmonid waters. Some of the finest fly fishing waters in Europe are situated in the young state.

Like the other countries of former Yugoslavia Bosnia-Herzegovina has a lot to offer to fly fishers, too. Numerous trout and grayling waters are located in the area which is rich of carst waters. You may arrive by car or fly into Sarajevo, Zagreb, Tusla or Banja Luka, depending on your plans and where you would like to fish later.

Ribnik and Pliva

These two top waters and their high standard top-lodges are managed by LTG Company (Ribnik and Pliva). Within the last years the company promoted the waters very well with the help of arious promoters. EFFA was among the first associations who held their annual meetings there. Meanwhile Ribnik and Pliva are known as prime destinations for trout and grayling fishing on the Balkans. As both of them are spring creeks receiving their water right from the ground, they are cristall clear all year round offering perfect habitats for a rich fish and insect life. You can sight fish for specimen grayling and trout all year round. Due to the good reputation of the water it experiences a very high fishing pressure. There are a lot of daily licences sold so you will always be accompanied by quite a number of fly fishers from all around the world.LTG started to limit that by asking for higher permit prices for those anglers not staying in their lodge. Despite of the pressure you will catch your graylings there for sure. Be advised to use thin leaders and small flies as the fish react to the pressure, too.

Una, Krusnica and Unac

The fishing clubs of Bosanska Krupa and Bihac manage the Una and its tributaries. Upstreams from Bihac cascades make it impossible for the Danube Salmon to move towards the headwaters. So Hucho hucho fishing takes place downstreams of Bihac whereas upstreams trout and grayling are targetted. In Bosanska Krupa Elvin Alijanovic and Sead Ceric (Veevus.dk) have built a new Lodge directly at the banks of the Una. So from summer 2018 on not only a well equipped new lodge with a top kitchen is awaiting the guests, but also larger, safe and stable boats will be available for the fishermen. Feeling safe, no matter whether you fish for trout and graylings or for the king of the Una, the Huchen, is essential here, as the Una is large and deep and you definitely need a boat to fish it successfully.

The ramshackle wooden boats of the locals are not looking very safe for the safety trimmed Alpine angler. They might do the jobs for those who are used to them but they scare off many fishermen as falling into the water can be deadly in a river like the Una.

Una, Krusnica and Unac can be fished from the new Una Lodge in Bosanska Krupa. In cooperation with the fly fishing hotel Kraljevac at the banks of Sane river in Kljuc anglers can switch between the two destinations with a shuttle bus,too.


About 2 hour's drive south of Bosanska Krupa you reach Kljuc where a Swiss businessman with Bosnian roots has built a beautiful **** hotel at the banks of river Sana. He ownes a few kilometers of the Sana with a fly fishing beat starting right in front of the hotel. Good huchos, large graylings and even huge endemic browns inhabit the Sana. Its owner Fahrudin Ljutić, has created a top fishing destination. He reached this target by enhancing the fish population, a restrictive protection of huchos inand a good cooperation with the locals.

Close to Kljuc there are some other good rivers. Ribnik and Sanica are the most popular among them. You can also go for a daily trip to Pliva. Besides that there is also the cooperation with Elvin Alijanovic from the new Una lodge.

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