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Fly fishing Cayo Paredon Cuba

Grand Slam Fly Fishing Destination - Cayo Paredon

Cuba's northern coast line is well known to offer some of the best fly fishing possibilities in the Caribbean. The cayos (= islands) are holding big numbers of local tarpon and on some of them big schools of migrating tarpon are passing by on the way to their spawning grounds. Cayo Santa Maria, perhaps the most interesting destination for giant tarpon in the Carribbean´compared to the amounts of boats which are allowed to fish the waters(only four boats) has got quite well known during the last years due to the promotion of Solid Adventures, Casa Batida and Planet Fly Fishing who manage the area. Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco and Grande Paredon on Cayo Romano are still not as well known.

The big three - tarpon, permit and bonefish - can be caught the whole year round which makes it possible to catch what is called a Grand Slam (all three species caught in only one day). Besides that you can get barracudas, groupers, jacks, trigger fish and the Cubera Snapper, one of the hardest fighters compared to its size at all. The different species that are to be found on the flats make the fishing very exciting as there is always some fish around that can be caught. Some of these creatures look really funny. Despite of their sometimes weird outlook they might be very strong fighters.

When I visited Cayo Paredon in  for the first time in April 2012 I was absolutely fascinated what the possibilities at site are concerned. The huge flats offer great possibilities for the flat angler. You can fish for bones, permit and tarpon by wading the flats and mangroves and if you like you can go and cast from the skiff into a blue hole for big tarpon. However also giants can be caught on the flats. If you stay on Cayo Coco and hire a car you can explore all three cayos (Guillermo, Coco and Romano) with your familiy. It's a great destination for an extended trip as the beaches belong for sure to the best in the world.

Yeah, and then there is the deep spot near the lighthouse where you can run real into monster tarpon. I lost a huge fish there because my fly line cut through the glove and burnt into my fingers. I will never forget that. It was like hooking a submarine. You will never know what will take your fly there. There are even tiger sharks...

If you are interested in big tarpon, go there in July when the large migrating tarpon are around. Hooking a giant on the flats makes your adrenalin level rise like hell.


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