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Lepena River
Fly Fishing Slovenia

Fly Fishing Slovenia

Beautiful Rivers and a Forgotten Valley

Slovenia offers some of the best waters for fly fishing salmonids in Europe. The Soča valley is called "the forgotten valley" as the industrialization has apparently passed it completely last century.

Soca fly fishing
Unec (Unica)
Unec (Unica)
Sava Bohinjka
Sava Bohijnka

The Soča is a jewel among the European rivers and its water colour caused by the snow-white subsoil (lime rock) is unique. Besides graylings, brook trout and rainbow trout you will also have the chance to get in contact with a salmonid species that was close to extinction after WW1, the Marble Trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus). This trout is local there and was almost lost due to management mistakes. After the war stocked Atlantic brown trout strains hybridized more and more with the unique marble trout, however, by a full-scale rescue programme the marbles became the dominating fish species in these waters again, although one does not usually spot larger fish (60 cm and more) during the day at all. Only in the morning and in the evening bigger fish leave their hiding places to go for a hunt. You should not be surprised when suddenly a shade frees itself of the bottom and attacks a grayling or trout you are about to land. If you are really lucky you might spot one of the really big ones the other day. These fish reach dimensions up to 1.30 m, even if fish with 1-metre of length are already regarded as specimen.

Some of the Slovenian rivers also host the largest of all the European salmonid species, the Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho). This massive fish can be found in many Slovenian rivers and it can reach a size even bigger than the Marmoratas. Except of the Soča there are several other excellent fly fishing waters in Slovenia. These rivers are divided into three districts that are managed by The Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, the fishing club of Tolmin and the fishing club of Idrija.

The daily fishing licenses prices of the prime waters in Slovenia are nearly as expensive as in Austria and they are usually fly only waters. Take the chance and surf my pages. Maybe you will find something suitable and interesting for your next fishing trip.

record Marmorata Slovenia
Record Marble Trout from Soča River
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