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Flytying Courses

Fly Tying Courses 2020

with Günter Feuerstein

During these courses we only tie flies which indeed catch fish. Efficient fly tying without any unnecessary knick-knack is on the agenda.


The fly tying courses are conducted in Oberriet with a maximum of 4 participants. Teenagers only pay half the price of adults.


The fly tying material is at site. Additional fly tying materials can be bought in my shop. Vises and lamps are provided. You do not have to have any knowledge on fly tying at all. The small groups make it possible that different fly tying levels of the participants can be handled without any problems.

Basic Course 1

This is a basic fly tying course for dry flies and nymphs. You will learn to use the tying tools and materials correctly.

Snow Flake fly pattern by Günter Feuerstein

Basic Course 2

In this course you will learn to tie emergers and streamers for Alpine waters.

Course 3 Streamers

Big streamers for pikes and taimen are in the focus of this fly tying course. Learn to tie effective tube flies!

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