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Fly Fishing the Seychelles for bonefish, giant travalle, GT and other big fighters

Fly Fishing the Seychelles

Combining snorkeling, swimming, diving and fly fishing is possible

The outer islands of the Seychelles belong to the best fly fishing destinations on the planet. Be it Alphonse, Farquhar, St. Francis, Cosmoledo or any other of the big names, they are all very remote and also quite exclusive as very expensive. Nevertheless most tourists like to see the Seychelles famous beaches on the main islands like Anse Lazio, Anse Source d'Argent, Anse Intendance and others. Combining snorkeling, diving and fly fishing is very much appreciated.

The Seychelles offer great fly fishing for bone fish and GT and if you have the chance to fish the outer Islands like Alphonse, Cosmoledo or Aldabra you will remember it for all your life. These more or less untouched areas north of Madagascar are a paradise for every single saltwater fly fisher. All really good saltwater fly fishing takes place on the outer islands. You can book trips to these destinations and you will definitely have a great time there. Of course they are much more expensive than those to the main islands. The main islands on the other hand offer much more possibilities if you travel with your family. Especially on Praslin it is great to hire a car and explore the island.

The main islands like Mahe, Praslin, Curieuse or La Digue are perfect for diving and snorkeling but good spots for fly fishing are hard to find. There are some places where you can find bones and milk fish but they are rare and those areas which would be perfect are usually protected as marine national parks (Port Launey, Curieuse). 

nice bonefish from Praslin
nice bonefish from Praslin

La Digue is beautiful and its beaches with the huge granite rocks belong to the most beautiful beaches on the planet, but for fly fishing the island does not really fit. You might be able to catch the one or other fish from the rocks next to deeper water but it is difficult to be honest. Mahé has got a few flats with turtle grass where you can try for bone fish. The best one might be the flat at Anse á la Mouche but you can also try Turtle Bay at Anse aux Pins or Anse Royal. These flats are regularly fished by hotel guests so the bones are very spooky there because they are resident fish

On Praslin you can find a nice flat just when you come down from Val de May(the national park where you can find world's largest coconuts). Unfortunately Fond de l'Anse as the flat is called is heavily fished because the hotel nearby(Palm Beach) advertises with fly fishing. So the bones are spooky there. You will definitely catch some perch species, mullets, half beaks and maybe also garfish there. When wading the flat you will also spot the one or other eagle ray passing by. Of course there are a lot of coral fish everywhere on the Seychelles but nobody fishes for them. If it gets too hot take your goggles and snorkel a bit. Turtles are very common around the Seychelles and diving is great especially in April and May. North of Praslin there is one of the most beautiful beaches, Anse Lazio.

There are bonefish there but they are not easy to catch. They are feeding in quite deep water and you have to wade in as far as you can to reach them. They are there but as on all other spots on the main islands the fishing for them is free but not easy. The best time for fishing the Seychelles is October and November when numerous tuna species, Sailfish and others move in. It is a quite windy period but although you might not feel the sun to be very hot be sure you protect all your body from it. Even gloves are a good choice. If you want to combine your trip with diving spring is the better time to enjoy a quiet sea.

Guided Fly Fishing

On Praslin you can also go out fly fishing by boat. Open water fly fishing means usually trolling the fly, trolling a teaser or casting to hot spots sometimes also in connection with cumming. You will definitely reach better spots by boat than just seeking for flats on your own. On Praslin I can highly recommend Capt. Andre d'Offay. Andre has learned the business well from his father Pierre who has got more than 35 years of experience in fishing the waters around the Seychelles both as a commercial fisherman and as a sport fishing guide and charter captain.

Andre is the one you should contact if it comes to hiring a boat to go fishing around Praslin and the smaller islands around it. . Andre is specialized on fly fishing as well as jigging, trolling and big game. He has got a perfect boat and you will have a good time with him. His company Amberjack charters  is based on Anse Boudin. 

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