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Freshwater Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly Fishing Destinations

The world is full of fabulous fishing spots. You only need to find them.

It just depends weather you like easy fishing or difficult waters. Many of the very expensive fishing spots are easy ones where everyone can catch fish. Not really difficult indeed. But there are good spots which you can explore on your own, too, even without a boat or the help of a guide.

Find your spot!

There are a lot of fly fishing destinations around the world which will make you feel in fly fishing heaven if you can afford to fish them. Unfortunately, the very best of them are difficult to reach and therefore very expensive. This makes sense because only by reducing the amount of anglers at these spots they will be still good on the long run. On the other side they will be out of reach for most fly fly fishers. On these pages you will find destinations which are quite easy to reach or are at least not too expensive, if you only spend a few days there. You need a bit of time and a certain sense for the situation and the terrain and you need to find out as much as possible about your target species. Be aware that there are some red spots, the ones that are too dangerous to fish without local knowledge and help. So there are destinations for all kinds of anglers be it the comfortable and luxury seeking angler or the adventurer. On my sites you will get to know about spots which I have fished myself. Some of them I would visit again and again, some of them one should at least fish once and there are also a few I would not fish again.


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