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Fly fishing for hucho hucho
CTS GF Hucho Hunter 600 and 725

CTS GF Hucho Hunter Rods

In Dec. 2019 I landed my first two huchen on my new CTS GF Hucho Hunter rod series, which were built by CTS owner Stephen Pratt according to my specifications. So the debut was successful and the rod I used performed well during the weekend and playing the fish was a pleasure with it! The rods are both 6-piece travel rods built in my favorite length of 11.6 ft., a length that is absolutely ideal for huchen fishing as it allows a relatively easy landing.

The two rods of the series have different casting weights and are designed for different purposes. Depending on the river and water level a hucho hunter normally chooses an optimized tackle combination. This allows a perfect response to the situation. In smaller or calmer waters and at low water levels you are at a disadvantage with heavier rods and lines because of the noise they create. I rarely use one-handers, because casting with a two-handed rod is much easier, and also less noticeable, because the movement-intensive false casts that are easier to detect by the large eyes of the predator are no longer necessary. Your fishing time is much longer with a double-hander especially if you use a shooting basket.

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While the CTS GF Hucho Hunter 600 has a grain window of approx. 450-750 gr with its best performance around 600 grains, the CTS GF Hucho Hunter 725 is designed for heavier lines and larger, and maybe also heavier streamers. It can cast weights up to approx. 900 gr still well, but also allows the casting of line/streamer combinations of 550 gr and you still have reserves upwards when it is necessary to stop the fish from running towards a rapid. The two rods have a different action, too, as casting with lighter streamers and lines can be done in a slightly different way compared to special equipment for higher water levels and MOW-tips of considerable weight. I use the lighter rod for low water situations up to a slightly higher water level or slightly faster current and also in smaller rivers, while the CTS GF Hucho Hunter 725 is used in larger rivers with strong currents or deep fast runs and when the water level rises and drops again after reaching the peak. In such situations, it shows its excellence.

The CTS Hucho Hunter 725 works great with the 750gr sinker I have worked on with RIO and that is sold by Rudi Heger. This line is designed for higher water levels, deep runs, and stronger currents so you can fish your streamer closer to the bottom. Other lines are in the pipeline.


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