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Hucho XXL a crazy start

Huchen XXL -What a Crazy Weekend!

There are these fishing days when nothing works at all. The fish appear to be lethargic, almost asleep. This is especially true for the huchen. And then there are days when the fish are active and the chances of a catch are good. On some days the smaller and medium-sized huchen up to 80-90 cm move and days when the large hucho move too. And then there are days when almost no fish are caught, but you catch exceptionally well. You don't forget such a weekend so quickly, especially when it comes to huchen beyond the meter mark.

That's what happened last weekend. I fished one of my favorite rivers in the foothills of the Alps and was looking forward to the new season. On the first day, a 70cm baby briefly nudged the mouse and then, I got a take of a very large alpha fish, but I could not kook him. Towards evening I decided to fish at a pool that I hadn't actually planned. I just didn't want to change location for the last two hours of the day. Already with the second cast, I hooked my first fish of the season! After a good fight there was a Huchen of 102 cm in the net. What a start!.

On the next day there was perfect mouse water. At noon a large huchen broke the surface and got stuck. After a really good fight, I could net a fat Huchen of 110 cm. Two meter fish in two days, that's really not the rule, another hucho later refused the mouse at the last moment.

The next day I actually wanted to drive back home after breakfast, but something drew me to the river again. I decided to fish for two more hours before starting the long journey home. I went to a promising spot, optimistically mounted my camera on the tripod, and started fishing. After the 20th throw, an eyelet on my mouse came loose and the back part fell off. The hucho had probably maltreated it too much the day before. Although I had checked and resharpened the hook, I must have overlooked the rest. So I mounted a new, this time significantly smaller mouse pattern. That was a good decision because already on the third cast the head of a mighty huchen showed up at the surface and calmly took the mouse down with it. The strong strike was successful and massive resistance followed. After 7 long minutes, there was another big huchen in the landing net. This time 115 cm! Three fish beyond the meter mark in three days! I would not have expected that even in my wildest dreams. I was on vacation and theoretically still had a few days left, but you should go when it's at its best. These were the words of my best fishing colleague who unfortunately died much too young at the age of 60. How right he was! With the memories of the strong fights of these majestic fish I made my way home and was grateful that St. Peter made this dream start into the new season possible for me. I'm excited to see what surprises await me this season.

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