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Huchen Shooting Head Super Sinker
Huchen Shooting Head Super Sinker

The "Mucho Hucho" Super-Sinker Shooting Head

I was never entirely satisfied with the lines for huchen fishing with two-handed rods that were available in fly shops. Most of them were too long for huchen double handers. Others were shorter but wrongly designed. A Huchen shooting head must be fishable without casting it overhead and it must also be able to roll a large streamer to the fish, otherwise, there are many good spots that you cannot fish at all. Together with RIO and in consultation with Rudi Heger, I set out to develop a shooting head according to my ideas.

After a long test phase and trying several prototypes, I was finally satisfied. This super sinker huchen shooting head -RIO  internally called "Mucho Hucho"- has it all. It has been available from Rudi Heger since the last Huchen season. It is the ideal choice for huchen fishing in faster and deeper stretches of water! The shooting head has a length of 5.70 m and a weight of 49.5 g. The T-23 material quickly brings your streamer to depth. The decisive factor is 5.50 m (SH length), 20 cm are intended as an overhang. If you use the overhang too, this makes an additional weight of approx. 1 g. The shooting head, therefore, fits perfectly for double hand rods between 11-12.5 feet in length, which are typical for huchen fishing. The tapered SH allows the fly to be rolled (in fact you use an extended stroke > roll shooting) to a suitable distance even with a large streamer and thus to address a fish, even in places without backspace. The SH can be easily presented overhead at a great distance. Only a few meters of rear space are then required.

I am aware that not every fly fisherman has a rod that is capable of rolling a 750 gr shooting head together with a larger streamer or casting it overhead which adds even more weight. However, that is not a problem, because the Mucho Hucho SH is designed in such a way that it can be cut and adjusted in terms of weight or length (rod length or space). Please feel free to use my cutting table. I recommend cutting the Mucho Hucho SH from the rear end (towards the running line).

So the head rolls wonderfully and flies perfectly. Even shortened to 4 m plus 1 - 2 m mono leader, it can still be rolled perfectly to an attractive distance. This shot roll cast is a roll cast that allows you to shoot a few meters of running line (not to be confused with a switch cast) also works with large streamers weighing several grams. Switching is only possible with completely unweighted, synthetic streamers, but is generally rather uncommon when fishing for huchen for various reasons and is normally not possible with T-tips on Skagit lines combined with large huchen flies.

The Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker is sold by Rudi Heger.

Adjusting the Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker

To shorten the shooting head and make it fishable, I cut it, remove about 10 cm of the coating, and use an 8-knot at the line end, which I secure with a piece of shrink tubing. Other connections are also possible, but, if it comes to fighting big fish, I have always preferred a knot to any other fancy-looking connections. Everything has to be functional and quick. For this purpose, the weight or length should also be easy to identify. Colored heat shrink tubing will help. You can seal the loop by working Aqua Sure or equivalent into the core loop.

In the following slider, you can see how easy it is to customize your Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker. You can use acetone or just a piece of backing to remove the coating. Please remember that if you want to use a 5 m head, you have to cut it to 5.10 m, as 10 cm of the core has to be exposed in order to make the figure-8-knot. Try the Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker, because it will be the perfect means to cast your streamer to the fish safely and you will not have to misuse your fly rod as a spinning rod! Use my cutting table for this! You can download it as a PDF after the slider. Another Low-/Midwater Mucho Hucho SH is already in the pipeline. Because of Covid 19, it will take some more time!

Tight lines and please put all huchen back carefully!

Günter Feuerstein


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That's how to do it:

Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker Cutting Table

Mucho Hucho Cutting Table.pdf (128.7 KiB)

Out of Stock

Unfortunately, RIO has decided to stop poducing private label lines in favour of their own line series. This is a pity as hucho fishing is a niche and producing 10000 lines and more for hucho fishing is an Illusion.

So Rudy Heger cannot Provider you with the perfect Mucho Hucho SH any more. We do not know if RIO will changed its policy again, but for the moment the Mucho Hucho SH is not available / out of stock. Sorry!

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