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Mucho Hucho LoWater Shooting Head
2021-12-22 19:22

Mucho Hucho LoWater Shooting Head

For a long time I have been getting inquiries regarding the availability of the announced Mucho Hucho LoWater shooting head. Due to the Corona situation, a lot of work has come up at RIO, which is now being processed piece by piece. Their own line range comes first, of course. Rudi Heger, who already sells my Mucho Hucho Super-Sinker shooting head, let me know that due to the Corona situation and delivery bottlenecks, RIO is currently not able to manufacture private label lines. So you have to be patient a little longer. 

Of course, I tested the prototype last year and it was back in action last weekend in extremely low water. With a heavy sinking head you would have only scratched the ground, and in addition to unnecessary dangling and permanent re-sharpening of the hooks, you would have also scared the huchen. Cautious fishing is possible with the Mucho Hucho LoWater. As you can see, the weekend trip to my favorite river was worth it and I was able to land two nice fish.


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