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Enjoy a Day With a Master Coach

Personal Coaching
in Fly Fishing

Personal trainings are more expensive because the coach spends the whole teaching time with the client. The lessons are far more intensive than with a group of 6 to 8 students. You are under steady control. So depending on the skills of the client very fast development in fly casting can be expected.

Daily Rates for Private Coaching and Guiding

Besides my official course schedule you can also book me for private coaching and special courses. The following prices are basic prices for 2018 which do not include the expenses of the instructor. Please read the general business rules carefully.

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Tariff 1 - Beginners - level 1

These are the daily rates (appr. 5 hours practice time) for fly casting courses for beginners.

1 person
CHF 350 .-*
 2 persons
 CHF 300.-* each
3 persons
CHF 250.-* each
4 persons
CHF 200.-* each
5 - 6 persons
CHF 160.-* each
7– 8 persons
CHF 120.-* each
evening courses
after 18.00 h
per person/hour
CHF 100.-*


* Fishing licences and expenses of the instructor are not included!

More than 8(eight) persons only on explicit and written demand of the organizer. Ask for the rates!

Tariff 2 - Advanced - level 2

These are the daily rates (appr. 5 hours teaching time) for private fly casting courses for advanced fly casters outside my official course schedule.

More than 8(eight) persons only on explicit and written demand of the organizer. Ask for the rates!

1 person
CHF 400.-*
2 persons
CHF 330.-* each
3 persons
CHF 280.-* each
4 persons
CHF 230.-* each
5 - 6 persons
CHF 200.-* each
7– 8 persons
CHF 150.-* each
evening courses
after 18.00 h (or single hours)
CHF 120.-*


* Fishing licences and expenses of the instructor are not included!

Tariff 3 - Coaching for Instructor Preparation level 3

These are the daily rates (5 hours of teaching including video analysis) for a personal coaching for advanced flycasters which prepare for the EFFA flycasting instructor exam outside my official course schedule. Very advanced fly fasters who want to improve their fly casting skills are welcome, too.

maximum amount of participants: 5

1 person.     CHF 600.-*

2.persons.   CHF 500.-*

3 persons    CHF 350.-*

4 persons.   CHF 300.-*

5 persons.   CHF 200.-*

Evening Courses after 18.00 h
per person/h CHF 150.-

* expenses of the instructor are not included.

Günter Feuerstein teaching Igor Tyapkin (RUS)


maximum two persons

one person  CHF 370.- *
two persons   CHF 320.-**
* for one person per day (appr. 5 h guiding time)  + expenses(not included) 
**per person per day (appr. 5 h guiding time)  + expenses(not included) 



Günter Feuerstein is an EFFA Certified Fly Fishing Guide as well as a

Certified Guide of Hedmark University/Elverum (NOR).

Guiding Fliegenfischen mit Günter Feuerstein
VIP Guiding an einem Topfluss

Fishing with a Pro

maximum two persons

Watch me fishing different situations and learn! This is a course which is chosen quite often as you can learn a lot by watching me fish.

one persons   CHF 300.-*
two persons   CHF 220.-**

* for one person per day (appr. 5 h fishing time)  + expenses(not included) 

**per person per day (appr. 5 h fishing time)  + expenses(not included) 

Courses for clubs or small groups

It is a pleasure for me to visit clubs or teach at your location if you want me to do so. Of yourse you can also visit me here in the Alpine Rhine Valley for a course with your fishing buddies or friends. Such courses can be arranged individually according to your needs and wishes. The topics can vary from fly casting tution to fishing techniques or e.g. belly boat courses. Many other workshops or seminars are possible on demand.

Daily rates for club courses* (expenses not included):

CHF 1000.-** Level 1-2 max. 8 participants
CHF 1000.-** Level 2    max. 8 participants
CHF 1200.-** Level 3    max. 6 participants

* official net course time = 5 hours

** transport, fishing licences and accomodation of the participants as well as the expenses of the instructor are not included

If a group wants to book me for a course with more than the listed max. amount of participants to safe costs this is possible but the amount of time the instructor can spend for the single participant will be of coarse less. Such courses exceeding the max. amount of students listened above require a written agreement of the organizer.

Nymph Fishing Courses

Nymph Fishing Weekend (2 days courses)

Since 2011 I can offer you nymph fishing courses, too. Nymph fishing is much more difficult than dry fly fishing as you cannot watch the drifting nymph like a dry fly. I am going to teach you nymph fishing that well that you will be able to fish the nymph successfully at your water, too. Our course book is my new book   "Erfolgreich Fliegenfischen auf Salmoniden". We will try to learn all techniques in the book. Besides that you will learn to read a water, get to know basic knowledge on entomology as well as tackle and much more.

dates on request

The minimum amount of participants is 3(three) persons, the maximum is 6(six). Exceptions on request.

costs for the two days course:

3 persons           CHF 500.-  /person*
4 persons           CHF 430.-  /person*
5 persons           CHF 350.-  /person*
6 persons           CHF 300.-  /person*


I do not teach Czech Nymphing! We only deal with proper fly fishing here.

The organisation of the course(site, water, accomodation, licences, ...) is up to the organizer. My transfer and accomodation costs incl. meals are to be paid by the organizer and are not included in the mentioned course costs.


Private Coaching Day (5 h angling time)

1:1 coaching  CHF 500.- (expenses and fishing licenses not included)

2 persons       CHF 350.- per person/day (expenses and fishing licenses not included)



For VIPs and people who ask for them special security addons can be provided.

  • personal security (body guards, in cooperation with a security company)
    bulletproof vehicles
  • exclusion zone (booking must allow enough space for security inspection and closing the area for public)
  • fishing in private waters (only VIPs)

important: booking of security services must be done well in advance, otherwise costs will rise dramatically


Private courses within 15km of Oberriet:

Meals and beverages of the instructor during the course have to be paid by the client.

If the organizer wants to book a course at a destination of his choice:

  • The travel expenses by car(CHF 0.70/km) or flight (depending on the distance, requirements and possibilities in regard to the time slot of the instructor) is to be paid by the organizer/client.
  • Costs of the traveling time to and back from the destination: CHF 25.-/h
  • If the travelling distance exceeds 1.5 h for arrivals by car an overnight stay is to be organized by the organizer/client, for arrivals by a plane overnight stay is dependent on the flight schedule
  • Accommodation, meals, and drinks during the stay are to be paid by the organizer/client.


  • The organizer cares for an appropriate place for the course (soccer field, an indoor place, pool, or fishing water) and makes sure that the course can be done there without any problems. Lawns have to be mown first.
  • If a seminar or lecture is wanted, the necessary equipment(laptop, beamer, ...) has to be provided.

Tackle to rent

There is course tackle for single handed courses available as well as for learning Underhand Technique with the double hand rod.

Daily rental for tackle (rod, reel, line and leader):  CHF 19.-

We do not rent waders!

General Business Conditions

  1. The participation in courses offered or managed by the Fly Fishing International(FFI) Fly Fishing School is at your own risk. We disclaim liability for property damage or injuries of any kind which are caused by participants.
  2. After registering for a course half of the charge fee has to be transferred to one of our accounts. By doing this the registration is made definite. The rest of the course fee has to be paid at least four weeks before the course starts. If a participant cannot take part the advance will only be paid back if he cancels the course not later than four weeks before the event takes place.
  3. FFI Fly Fishing School reserves the right to cancel or to move any courses at any time without specifying the reasons. If a course is cancelled all the pre-paid money will be paid back. FFI Fly Fishing School is not liable for any other costs or inconveniences connected with the cancellation or the change of date of a course.
  4. Each participant has to wear an eye protection device (sunglasses, optical glasses or equivalent) during the course. 
  5. Filming or photographing during the course disturbs the learning progress. Therefore participants are not allowed to take pictures or film during the course (except group pictures at the end).
  6. During the course the participants are filmed from time to time for making a later video analysis possible. By attending a course of  FFI Fly Fishing School  the participant agrees to allow the owner of FFI Fly Fishing School to use this video material for future teaching purposes or video productions.
  7. By transferring the advance or paying the whole course fee the participant agrees to the general business conditions of the FFI Fly Fishing School and puts them into action against him.
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