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record fish

Record Game Fish

Find below some nice pics of giant salmonids and other game fish caught on fly or conventional tackle.


World Record Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho)

Hucho hucho world record
Hucho hucho world record 35,1 kg, River Drau(Austria)

Brown Trout World Record (fly)

Salmo trutta trutta world record - probably lacustris phenotype
16,5 kg, 106 cm, Möll (Austria), probably lacustris phenotype

Brown Trout World Record 20.1 kg, 98 cm

Salmo trutta trutta world record (Ohau Kanal NZL)
20.1kg,, Ohau Kanal, NZL

Giant Marmoratra (Salmo marmoratus)

22,5 kg Marmorata
Giant Marmorata of 22,5 kg from the Soca in Slovenia.

Steelhead World Record (fly, released)

Steelhead World Record (fly), appr. 38 lbs. Kispiox River
probably Steelhead World Record (fly), 114 cm, appr. 35 lbs. Kispiox River

IGFA (= killed) World Record Steelhead (fly)

IGFA steelhead world record fly
official IGFA Steelhead World Record (fly) , 31 lbs., Hoh River

Rainbow Trout World Record

rainbow trout world record
rainbow trout, 48 lbs., Lake Diefenbaker, Sept. 2009

Tarpon all tackle world record

Tarpon WR
Tarpon world record (all tackle)

Musky record on trolling fly ≠ fly fishing(!)

Musky record
50lb 8oz, 56 1/8 inches, Torch Lake, Antrim County, MI Sep 2009

Pike Record - Chew Valley Lake

chew valley pike record
40 lb 8oz pike caught on fly
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