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The Sana River

A positive example that shows that a steady and slow groth of the fish population paired with a restrictive protection of valuable fish species can develop to a sustainable fishery and a top fishing destination

Due to the big efforts of Fahrudin Ljutic, a Swiss businessman with Bosnian roots the Sana has become a showcase on how to develop a top fly fishing destination. He offers a great water with a top hotel at a top hucho pool. Some other fine waters in the area can be fished, too. Take the chance and fish Sana!

The Sana in Kljuc is a river with a huge but not yet exhausted potential. The hucho population is excellent and only very few fish are taken. The Danube Salmon spawn successfully and as many small chubs, noses and other cyprinids are abundant, too, the predator population is still growing. The owner, local fishing inspectors and guides work together very well and the local population is backing them.

There is a fly only beat at Sana in Kljuc that starts right in front of the hotel. In other areas spinning is also permitted. It seems that on the long run fly only will be the target for almost the whole water. In stark contrast to the Una the fly fishers at Sana fly fish correctly for hucho using the fly line as the casting weight. All other methods are not welcome in their fly only beat. The guides do their part to make sure that fly fishing for hucho will remain clean there.

The guides of hotel Kraljevac are very good fishers and know the water exactly. They will guide you for nice graylings and good trouts and if requested also for hucho.

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