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Sava Bohinjka Hucho Fishing
Sava's Treasures

Sava Bohinjkas' Treasures

During the last two days at Sava Bohijnka, I experienced what every single hucho fisher is dreaming about. After a long period with low water, the air pressure dropped and it was raining for the whole day. The river rose steadily and in the evening it started snowing. The snowfall continued for the whole night and the next day. This made the water level sink and the water started clearing up again. Perfect weather for catching the king of the Alpine rivers, the mighty Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho) on the fly!

As a teacher, I am dependent on my holidays so I cannot just go and fish when the water is perfect as my favorite hucho rivers are situated between 500-700 km from my home town. So the water has to be perfect when I am at site. This was the first time ever I was lucky with the water conditions at Sava Bohinjka in regard to this unique fish species. For the first time, the crystal clear water of the Sava Bohijnka was a little bit cloudy and the level was just perfect for a good drift of my streamer. The Sava Bohijnka is a beast when the water is gin clear but in such conditions, the huchos normally start hunting. And they did. Besides a take and another fish that was on for a few seconds, I got this beautiful 13-14 kg fish of 1.05 m length. A perfect end of the hucho season! Thanks to my guide Gregor Štepec for helping to land the beauty!


Double hand rod 11.6 ft. #10, RIO Skagit iFlight, T17 tip, hucho streamer appr. 23cm, 5g



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