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successful nymph fishing App
Successful Nymph Fishing - The App

Successful Nymph Fishing

A Fly Fisher's Reference to Nymph Fishing for Salmonids

Actually, I wanted to write a book about fly casting first, but then I began to write about a totally different topic which should take me several years to complete. Today, after the appearance of the 3rd updated and extended German edition and finally the first edition in English, I think it was right to have given preference to a practical book over a mainly technical work.

Successful Nymphing - The First Multi-Media Fly Fishing App

You have been waiting for a long time to get my successful nymph fishing bestseller in English. There were countless emails reaching my desk in regard to a publishing date but it was not that easy as you might think.

The book has been on the market in the German language for quite some time and is currently available as a hard copy in its 3rd edition. It was worked over and new content was added before the launch of each edition. The readers appreciated that. It was fine for the German-speaking community and international fly fishers who are able to understand German. So it was necessary to translate it into the English language first.

When I tried to find a translator for the book I tested several translators with fly fishing backgrounds. They had to translate short excerpts of my book to judge if they can translate them properly. To make it short. I was not satisfied with any of the translations. This book is a very special book that dives deep into the topic of nymph fishing and also deals with technical things in regard to nymph fishing and fly casting techniques. For a single translated page it took me up to an hour to get rid of misunderstandings and wrong terms and to make it readable for an average fly fisher. Dealing with a book of more than 300 pages it turned out that working with a translator is too time-consuming in regard to the cost-benefit balance. Besides that, I was told, that from the legal point of view, I would have needed to ask my translator for his ok any time I would wish to update my book. This was a no-go as it would make me dependent on the will of someone else although the book is my intellectual property. So I decided to translate the book myself. When I finished my translation I was finally happy with the result although it took me nearly two years to translate the book in my spare time.

While I was translating I had enough time to think about how to present the book to my readers and which type of book would fulfill all of my demands and would offer my readers the best service possible. I talked to good friends to get an idea of what they expect from a fly fishing book.

A New Approach for a Better Service

Due to the changing book market, I wanted to create something very different, that allows me to integrate multi-media files like video films and audio comments into the book but also to be able to update the book with new content whenever I like to independently from any other person or any publishing rhythm. So I decided to come out with a multi-media book as an app. This literally allows me to change the content whenever I want and wherever I am and I just need to press a button and everyone who has already purchased the book or will purchase it in the future will have access to the latest content in real-time. Finally, I hired a company to implement the project. This was not easy for them and they did there best to get it done. I was very happy to see the Android version showing up on the Google Play Store platform. They still try to get it running on IOS Store, too, but some requirements have changed there so a lot of changes are necessary.

Unfortunately, at the moment only users of Android Phones can purchase the app via Google Play Store. My technicians are still trying to get it running on the IOS Store, too and I hope they will succeed sooner or later.

You can get direct access to the app in the Google Play Store via the link below. Check the preview and then decide whether it is worth buying the app or not. Here is a short glimpse of the table of contents of the book.

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