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Fly fishing for hucho hucho
Der Rollwurf beim Huchenfischen

The Importance of the Roll Cast for Hucho Fishing

It is clear that a hucho shooting head can be thrown overhead, but a shooting head for hucho fishing is only really good if it can also be used to present large streamers at a good distance with a shot roll cast, even under difficult space conditions. For this you need a huchen rod that loads deep enough into the lower area of ​​the blank and thus enables the power for a roll cast to be generated at all. It is well known that top action rods are only suitable for overhead fishing. If the appropriate device is available, then the shooting head must have enough mass and the right length to catapult the streamer out of the water towards the target. The video provided shows this impressively. There is no rear space to the rear, and above me the branches of the trees under which I am standing can be seen. This is a course that does not allow overhead throws. A two-handed rod is necessary here, because with a one-handed rod such large streamers (here approx. 28 cm long) cannot be rolled out of the water at all.

In the video, the throwing distance is approx. 18 m for the first roll, and approx. 21 m for the second. Under other conditions, such large streamers can even be "rolled" up to 25 m. Rolling is actually not quite the right term because the line is stretched over the water or the distance is shot in. However, this is not a switch either, because the guiding hand makes a long movement like in a speycast, but in contrast to the classic spey, the distance is not achieved by repositioning a given length of line, but by letting it shoot. This is also not a Skagit cast (although it is most closely related to this area), but casting large huchen streamers requires a hybrid technique. I am deliberately speaking of technology here, because in contrast to a style, the unity of device, line and streamer is necessary here, because the whole thing does not work with just any equipment. Smaller or lighter streamers can also be switched with a sinker, but this is only possible to a limited extent with T-tips.

Please keep in mind that for performing roll or switch casts the streamer weight is not added to the shooting head weight to match the casting weight of the rod, because the line provides the mass for transporting as the streamer as is not airborne at the moment of firing.

So if you think to choose a SH weight that is already matching the upper end of the grain window of your rod to get maximum casting weight to roll the streamer then you need to be aware that if you cast the same streamer with the same line overhead, you could break your rod easily because for overhead casts the weight of the streamer needs to be added to the weight of the line!

Even a large, unweighted but wet Huchen streamer can weigh up to 20 g, depending on the construction method and the material used. In order to be able to cast such large streamers safely in both situations, the proper  equipment hast to be used and the weight should stay within the rod's grain window.

For such large streamers, which can be very successful when the water levels are high, you need the right rod (e.g. GF Hucho Hunter 925). I recommend that you keep the wet streamer weight in mind when choosing the material of your huchen streamer.

If you use such a heavy streamer for overhead casting with a short and light shooting head (less than 30 g), your rod will not break, but then the energy of the line will soon be used up and the kinetic energy of the streamer will take over and will pull the line that follows behind for reaching the casting  distance, or it simply flies with it, but no longer pulls the streamer. Only smaller and very light streamers can be "rolled" with such light shooting heads. A presentation as shown in the video with a large streamer is impossible with such a line-streamer combination.

The Mucho Hucho Super Sinker is absolutely ideal for both situations, as it is well tapered and can also be adjusted to the length of the rod.

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