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The Pliva

A High Level Challenge

Huge graylings, slowly rising trout, crystal clear water. That should mean easy fishing, shouldn't it? That's a big mistake! Its huge grayling need some experienced anglers to catch them.

After the success of the principle of fly fishing in front of the lodge door, LTG Company took the chance to take over the management of the Pliva, the probably largest spring creek in Europe maybe even in the world. The standard of the Pliva  lodge is even higher than Ribnik lodge. Pliva and Ribnik were both successfully promoted outside the Balkans by the European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA) who has held several annual meetings in there.

The Pliva is the mightiest spring creek on the Balkans. More than 50 m3 of water can emerge from the ground at the foot of the mountain at certain days. Within 50 m after the source one could easily go kayaking, however, this is taboo on the river. After a short time the river calms down and nice runs and wide steady flowing parts alternate with each other. The Pliva is crystal clear all year round and therefore not easy to fish. Nevertheless, this river is a must for the experienced fly fisherman, because it belongs to the largest spring creeks in the world and is known for its gigantic but hard to tease graylings.

However, these huge fish feed in quite some distance of the shore in the channels between the patches of flooding crowfoot and source moss. A perfect habitat for Thymallus thymallus, because  food is abundant everywhere. As in all spring creeks gammarus are abundant the whole year round. It is the main food source but during the may fly season even larger fish rise and take imagos from the surface. May flies, stone flies and terrestrials, everything exist in the Pliva in big numbers. Nevertheless, the fly fisher needs more than standard fly casting skills and a good fishing technique to not only catch small fish. The fishing pressure paired with the clear water is very demanding.

The Pliva Lodge

The Pliva Lodge is located at a beautiful spot in the upper section of the river and the bungalow standard is very high and its interior is very modern. The LTG Company has avoided no costs to unite comfort and exciting fly fishing in this unique spring-creek. Like at Ribnik lodge, at Pliva there is no car needed, too. You can go fishing on foot.

Convince yourselfself! The pictures speak for themselves. Give it a try for the huge graylings of the Pliva. You will see them for sure, catching them is another story ...

Pliva and Ribnik Guides

There are some good guides working at the Pliva, which I can recommend:


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