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Fly Fishing Ribnik River in Bosnia

The Ribnik

A Grayling and Trout Paradise

If talking about fly fishing Bosnia the name Ribnik will for sure be among the first rivers that will be mentioned. This is no wonder because the rumours of its incredibly high grayling density have spread all over Europe.


The Ribnik is a spring creek every fly fisherman from the Alpine countries will be trying to fish the other day. It is a fly only water with excellent reputation in regard of the fish population and its huge graylings.. Unfortunately, the fishing pressure is very high and the fly fisherman sometimes almost stand on their neighbours feet.

The whole river is very well structured and the rich underwater vegetation is home to millions of gammarus and an unbelievable number of insect species.that one can calculate fishing everywhere on capitals. That is nevertheless not that one also catches them, because in addition it needs, like in everybody Spring-Creek, of course the suitable fischereiliche talent. It can also happen absolutely that a big trout from the bank area frees herself and rushes at the smaller congener in her rope. Then to the aviation fisherman only looking remains. The whole river area except in the immediate local area is unobstructed, and the river and his underwater world with really to rich insect occurence can develop therefore very well.

Der Ribnik ist ein Spring Creek, den jeder Fliegenfischer aus dem Alpenraum früher oder später irgendwann mal ansteuert. Es handelt sich hier ein Gewässer, das nur dem Fliegenfischer vorbehalten ist. Leider ist der Befischungsdruck dort sehr hoch und die Fliegenfischer stehen sich fast auf die Füsse.

Der ganze Fluss ist sehr gut strukturiert und bietet auch eine intakte Unterwasservegetation, dass man überall mit kapitalen Fischen rechnen kann. Das heisst jedoch nicht, dass man sie auch fängt, denn dazu braucht es, wie in jedem Spring-Creek, natürlich das entsprechende fischereiliche Geschick. Es kann auch durchaus passieren, dass sich eine große Forelle aus dem Uferbereich löst und sich auf die kleinere Artgenossin an ihrer Leine stürzt. Dem Fliegenfischer bleibt dann nur das Nachsehen. Der ganze Flussbereich ausser im unmittelbaren Ortsgebiet ist unverbaut, und der Fluss und seine Unterwasserwelt mit einem ausgesprochen reichen Insektenvorkommen kann sich somit bestens entfalten.

The fish stock of the Ribnik is excellent and consists primarily of brown trout trout and graylings and a few rainbows. Among the grayling fans the Ribnik enjoys an excellent reputation, as fish exceeding 50 cm are caught there regularly. You will find several of them on my specimen grayling page.

Nevertheless, these large graylings are difficult to catch and leaders of 0.12mm and thinner are quite common. Immitations of gammarus and small duns are on good duties. Rainbow trouts in the Ribnik are mainly found in the trophy part just below the spring. This lake-like part is separated from the rest of the river by a weir. If you are lucky you might catch there browns or rainbows of several kilograms of weight with the streamer. On some days you might even catch big browns on dry flies. This is what the Ribnik is well known for.

The lowest part of the Ribnik is visited by huchos from Sane river which run into the Ribnik for spawning as the river hardly shows any water level variations. The Ribnik would be fishable the whole year. The season normally starts on the first Saturday in April and ends at the end of September.

Jan mit kapitaler BF

Ribnik Fishing Lodge

The Fishing Lodge at the Ribnik is certainly one of the nicest lodges you can find in Central Europe. Situated right at the river banks it is perfetly integrated in the surrounding. Fromthe balcony one can even observe the feeding graylings and trout. The visitors live right where the action takes place and could literally catch fish from the terasse. Within a few steps one can start wading and so there is no need for using a car to move along. With waders the river can be crossed easily at many places. You need a car on site only if you have problems with walking. The part right in front of the appartments is not worse than the rest of the river, however the largest fish will probably be found in the trophy part.


Journey to Ribnik:

Gori Ribnik can be reached either by car, if one has got enough time for the vacation and wants to fish other rivers too, or by plane (Zagreb or Banja Luka). Arriving by plane you will be fetched at the airport on demand. Staying at the Ribnik lodge you can also fish Pliva by the company's shuttle bus. The Ribnik lodge is well managed by LTG Company and you just let the receptionist know about your wishes and if you need flies or any other impiortant items you can buy them right there at the lodge's fly shop.


Pliva and Ribnik Guides

There are some good guides working at the Pliva, which I can recommend:


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