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The Unac

A Greenhorns First Choice

Next to Martin Brod the Unac meets the Una. Especially for less experienced anglers the Unac is a great river as they can expect to catch a lot of fish. Catching a lot of fish will make them stick to fly fishing and ask for more.

The Unac is a tributary of the Una which runs through the national park and joins Una in Martin Brod. The lower part of the river is well structured. A few hundred metres above the confluence there is a fish farm. When cleaning the pools of the farm rainbow trout escape in large numbers and spread in the Unac. Rainbow trout are the main fish species you can expect to catch there. Catching 2-3 dozens of rainbow trout about 20-25 cm within a short time is not too difficult. It might become boring for advanced fly fishers but as I said Unac provides great fun for beginners.

There are also very big graylings abundant. Unfortunately, there are so many rainbows in the river, so that often bite follows bite and one cannot get down to the graylings that easily. There are also some huge rainbows near the outlet of the fish farm but the ones you usally catch do rarely exceed 30-40 cm.


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